jnifr (jnifr) wrote in may_2006,

Party Planning

I may be jumping the gun a bit, but don't judege. I am already planning my sons 1st birthday party. I don't have much time through the week, and I plan on making a lot of stuff, so I am starting now, like 3 1/2 months ahead of time.
I have decided to do it like a movie premier, since, this party is really for the adults, and the few cousins he has. He really won't be able to tell the differance between a regular day.
What I need help with, is what do you think of when you think movie premier? I have already decided we will have a red carpet, a home movie playing, and I am going to make movie style posters with Malachy on them. Like, I am going to blow up a picture of him in his dog suit and make it look like 101 Dalmations. But what else comes to mind when you think of a movie premier?
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