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Test results

So my doctor called today and said that my blood sugar was on the high side, so I go for a second test on Friday. That would explain the crappy weekend I had and my continueing low energy :( . The risks to my pregnancy are that my baby may be fat and I may need a C-section birth if he is, thats if I take poor care of myself. It may also mean future health problems and possible obesity for my baby :( so I really really gotta take care of myself if I don't want that to happen to me and my baby. If I do have gestational diabetes it means I have a risk of developing type two diabetes in a few years... so if I want to avoid that I really gotta step up and take the healthy path from now on. *sigh* sucks but atleast I have two reasons to become health conscious from now on... even though i should have been in the first place >.
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