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Alright so today was my doctors appointment. 15 week check up. we walk in and the doctor goes, Are you ready to find out what it is?? I was shocked I thought it would be another 3-6 weeks before we would find out. She said that if the baby would co-operate we might be able to find out. So I lay down on the table and she started the ultrasound. Immediatly the baby turned its butt, spread its legs and let us see that we are having........

A BOY!!!!


I thought Stonie ((my fiance)) was going to wet himself. We're both so excited. He really wanted a boy. His heart rate is 150, everything measures perfectly, his due date is still May 5th, 2006. WOO HOOO!!!
Soon as the scanner is up and running again I'll post the ultrasound pictures.

We have decided on a name. Stonie, After Stonie and his grandfather, Zane, After my grand mother, and Mykal. Stonie Zane Mykal is well on his way :)

April - 15w2d

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Yay congratulations!!! I'm so jealous I want to find out at 15 weeks! But I have to wait until 20 :(