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So I'm 28 weeks as are many of you most likely and had my second doc's appointment today. My doctor said to watch my baby's movement should be 10 times a day or anything wierd that may happen with my body, because the baby can now survive outside of the womb. I knew it could but I didn't know that it had a 92% survival rate, so that is really cool, takes a load of my mind. At 30 weeks its 97% chance of survival so I for sure have a beebee if for some reason we have to induce early. The baby also has his eye's open so he can see the lights go on and off sometimes. And he has eyelashes and eyebrows and is growing hair if he's gonna have hair on his head. Yup, so very cool.

The only down side to my appointment is that I had to take a diabetes test cause at 28 weeks we're now prone to getting gestational diabetes. I didn't eat for 12hours before and had to drink this medical orange pop which wasn't really gross. Then an hour after that they took my blood, I had blood tests before and nothing really happened. But this time I almost fainted, which kind of scares me cause it may be an indication of me having diabetes, but then again it could just be that its because I haven't eaten in so long so the blood rush from when she took the turnicate off was just a bit much for my "weakened" state already. Well I hope I don't have diabetes cause I think that means if I don't watch my sugar I'll have a fat baby :P I haven't read up on it yet. Okie well thats all. Laterz.
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